Our Company


We are going against the grain with keeping our manufacturing local. We are the designers, patternmakers, and sewers, along with the marketing, shipping, and sales departments. Each piece is handcrafted in one of our home studios. We take pride in being a slow fashion brand, meaning we promote mindful consumption with small batch production, and do not follow the trends seen in major retailers. We make decisions based on the environmental impact and the people around us.  We ensure longevity of our clothing by using high quality materials and creating classically designed garments that are multi seasonal. In addition, by producing limited quantities we encourage customers to shop intentionally and to think of our designs as investments to their wardrobe. Thank you for supporting small businesses and helping to protect our Earth.


 Our Mission

We are passionate about making women’s lives amazing by creating comfortable clothing that has effortless classic style. We provide women with an apparel option that is created in the most ethical and Earth friendly way we know how. We want to read "Made in the USA" on all of our clothes, better yet, "Made in Michigan's Upper Peninsula!" We are proud to say that all Lumi products are made in Marquette, Michigan.